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 Project 27


After years spent experiencing the remarkable people and places on our planet, it’s now time to showcase the concept of Project 27. Check out this site to learn about the project, behind the scenes footage and how to join in the adventure that is Project 27.

Project 27 Concept : 8min

Project 27 Concept : 8min

Project 27 Sizzle : 2min

Project 27 Sizzle : 2min


The Project

The Mission of Project 27 is to showcase the importance of All people in our world regardless of where they come from.  Our Story is about 2 guys, from California who left their stable jobs to travel the globe (66 Countries) filming the stories of 27 remarkable people who lead lives that inspire others within their community & culture. The first few missions showcase the return of indigenous peoples to their original settlements in the Amazon Jungle, the Himalayas, Central Africa, India and beyond. Join us and explore what we can learn from how these cultures live and how their way of life and environments have been impacted by the Modern world. Spreading this awareness is important for our planet and generations to come. 

The Purpose

The Purpose is to help people gain a first person perspective realizing that most all people in the world are “GOOD” and to challenge the First-World & media bias that one place, country or people is “better” than another. We take the risk to bring you true stories from places most westerners will never go in hopes of proving that we are all fundamentally the same.


The Priority

The World is Shifting towards more remote, adventurous and collective lifestyles. The Millennial and Gen-Z generations are moving away from the typical 8 hour work day and making it a priority to connect with the world at large. Project 27 unlocks truth about people in “far off places,” thus giving courage to potential travelers to come see for themselves who people really are on this planet. As a result we can create a more collective world to fight unified battles for great causes as a collective whole. ie. Amazon deforestation, indigenous rights, etc. 

The Process

The Process is to board a plane, boat, tractor, train, donkey (you name it) and see where the road takes us as we film the realities of the communities we enter. We meet local people, dive into cultures, and stumble into some of the most inspiring and uplifting situations simply by being there. We prove that the world is not as dangerous as they say. If you show up with the right intentions anyone can get out into the world and connect without being afraid of getting kidnapped or any one of the laundry list of scare tactics society generally accepts as “false truths.”


Journey With Us

Networks. Investors. Film-makers. Photographers.

As we release the concept of Project 27 to the world we would like to invite streaming networks, investors, agencies, and production houses to consider our work at this time. We also invite film-makers and photographers to apply to join us on our journey. 

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