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Directors Statement

Affinity Numerology - Meaning of  #27:


“The number 27 represents people who are kind hearted, tolerant, intelligent and who want to see humanity better off than it is. Fulfillment for 27 comes with others adopting its sense of idealism and actively helping to achieve that end.” 


It all started in 2019 with the welcoming reception we received in a village on the southern shores of Vietnam, the heart warming hugs we got  in the artistic alley ways of Guatemala and the free rides we were given while hitchhiking in Ecuador. We had a deep passion to showcase that people all over the world are inherently good and to show first world viewers that third world countries deserve a fair shake, especially the places we are told are too dangerous to explore. Our passion was so deep, we quit our Jobs to make this film. 


This film is about our naive decision to get on a plane, in any car or any form of transport  and go anywhere in the world, from the Amazon to the Congo, to show that most all people are GOOD. 


As we set off to explore far-away cultures we learned that the world comes with a little bit of everything. There are talented, sadistic, safe and dangerous people in every culture. As we practice prudence we are able to avoid the bad and find the extraordinary. 


The landscapes we cross and the people we meet will make you feel connected and alive. Through breathtaking and heart-pounding footage all across the globe we stumble into to the good the bad the ugly the beautiful and ultimately the truth’s of people in this world. 


We ask one thing from our viewers, that you journey with us and gain a whole new perspective of people on this planet.    


-Ryan and Bo 

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